Minggu, 10 Februari 2008

When Tke Kid Hates School

Here are some of the most common reasons kids hate school and strategies to put them back on the road of success :
- anxiety
Saying," have a great day and I'll pick up you at 2.30'" is more confidence-inspiring than,"don't worry, I can be there in ten minutes if you need me."
Teach the children to replace thought such as,"I'm going to fail," with," I can handle this."

- loneliness
Some kids dislike scholl because they have no friend. We might teach a young child a few friendship openers such as,"My name is Lala, what's yours? Do you want to play?"

- bullies
If our children seems quiet and anxious, has a few school friend or suddenly shows a drop in self-esteem, he may a victim of a bully. Children who are being bullied at school should inform a teacher and stay physically close to friends for extra protection.

- trouble learning
Vision problems are surprisingly common, so parents need to be sensitive to sign of trouble. Some reluctant students may not hear the teacher. Kids with learning disabilities often get frustrated.

- poor chemistry
If the child constantly complaining that a teacher is unfair or mean. Sometimes the solution is simple. Organising an informal visiting, a lunch or ex-school activities such as sporty events so the child and teacher can get to know each other better.

Remember, children know how to play a parrent against a teacher. So if your child tells you a horror story about school, don't automatically assume you're getting the whole truth. Talk to the principal or guidance counsellor. Once you identify why your kid hates school, you can almost always find the solution.

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