Kamis, 28 Februari 2008


Have to make a speech? Speech is not magic. A speech is essentially combination of information and opinion written on paper and spoken. If you can have a thoughtful conversation, you can probably write and give a thoughtful speech. There are a few things that may help.

1. Figure out what you're going to say and who'll be the audience.

2. No speech should last more than 20 minutes. Paradoxically, the more important the message, the less time required to say it.

3. Focus on the topic. Just for illustration, if you pack horse lightly you can move on and cover a lot of ground but if you load too many sacks on the horse, it'll collapse and you'll end up nowhere.

4. Choose your words carefully. It's important to remember that your words must be hereable and comprehensible the first time out.

5. Humor is vital. Every speech needs it and you need it too, probably on the top. It'll help you relax and also the audience.

6. Don't forget to say thanks. You should always, at the top of the speech, thank to the people who invited you and the person who introduced you.

That's all, that's need.

2 komentar:

Ani mengatakan...

Waduh, aku paling nggak bisa kalau disuruh ngasih "speech", nggak pede, bisa2 demam panggung he..he..he

anggangelina mengatakan...

sama donk ky mbak ani.. jgnkan speech, kalo cuma lewad aja di panggung, aq bs muntah2 duluan sbelom naek... wah, kaya'a aq emg cocok jadi org blakang layar ajaa... hehe