Senin, 25 Februari 2008


Couldn't sleep well? Here's how to prepare your bedroom to make a quality sleep.

1. Be quiet, bedroom sounds should be low and consistent. Try earplugs, listen to slow musics for white noise.

2. Light, adjust the light according to your necessities. Dark condition is mostly suggested.

3. Temperature, a hot bed room may interrupt sleep and even induce nightmares. The ideal temperature is about 25 to 26 celcius degree.

4. Decor, keep bedroom clutter-free and avoid clock-watching during the night.

5. Pillow, sleeping on your stomach can cause back pain so try lying on your side back. Put your pillow under your neck, with your head almost touching the mattress, try natural-fill pillow such as feather.

6. Matress, if you sleep with a partner don't go for anything smaller than queen size. We turn 40 to 70 times a night and need room to move freely.

And the most important thing is, make sure that your partner doesn't snoore while sleeping. It also may cause you to stay awake all night long :-) :-) :-) .....

3 komentar:

anggangelina mengatakan...

saya baru tau kalo mlm2 tuh kita muter2 sampe 40-70 kali.. waa... prasaan saya tidurnya adem ayem saja... hihi

sassy mengatakan...

waduh... mbak, saya kebetulan beberapa hari ini susyah tidur +_+
semua kondisi 90% sudah seperti yang mba sebutin tuh, tapi.. teuteup aja.. kenapa ya??

one.rebel mengatakan...

jadi ngantuk, pengen tidur..
eniwei, lam nal yah