Selasa, 05 Februari 2008

Just Be Your Self Honey!

I used to have a roommate when I was at the college. Her name was Daisy (not a real name). Actually she's a nice girl but one thing that irritated me, she liked to imitate me. For example, when I've already bought outfit, she asked me where I shopped. Then a few days later she wore the similar outfit as mine. Not only outfit, she copied my shoes, wristwatch, bag and many other little things.
Another friend of mine knew about her behaviour and suggested me to do this :
Point out her unique assets (Daisy's skin was darker than mine), go shopping with her and select outfit that look great on her but that I couldn't wear as-in,"you're so lucky you can wear this colour with your skin tone."
It's not easy to follow where she wanted to shop. Then I found another way, I lied about where I bought things. Day by day, she found her own style and as we graduated she became a new Daisy to me.

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