Selasa, 05 Februari 2008

Five Ideas Before You Sell your House

When I read my mom's old note book, I found an interesting idea about what we had to consider if we would like to sell our house. Well, hopefully the five ideas will work to anyone who wants to sell their property.
1. To fresher your kitchen, put a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table.
2. Place a box of chocolate and a water pitcher with lemon slices in the dining room.
3. Hide toys, bowls, and litter boxes, put away toilet brushes, plungers or toothbrushes.
4. Make mirror magic, the buyer will see themselves in the home when they walk by a mirror, helping the connection.
5. Go green, the colour symbolized new opportunity, position a green mat outside your front door.
Those are the simple ideas, good luck!

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