Rabu, 30 Januari 2008

My brother is teaching his parrot to talk
Brother : Repeat after me, I can talk
Parrot : I can talk
Brother : I can walk
Parrot : I can walk
Brother : I can fly
Parrot : That's a lie
Last Saturday night, Amy intended to go out for a date with James.
"You may go but I want you to be home at 8.00." Amy's father said
"Sure Sir," James replied,"but at the Chirstmas eve."
When I worked at HRD, I burst out laughing when I looked at answer sheet of the applicant.
The applicant had written "YES" to the question "Salary Expectation"
A man is talking to a waiter of a fast food restaurant.
"I want to have ten hot dogs with no salad, no rolls, no sauce, no anything."he said.
"Execuse me Sir, why do you order this?" the waiter wondered.
"There will be a birthday party for my dog," he replied,"We are going to have ten guests, all dogs."

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